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$75 USD per person (minimum 2 people*)

Craft Beer Walk & Talk (Private)

The private version of our popular public tour! Our expert beer guide will arrange to meet you either at your accommodation or at a popular cafe or restaurant and take you on an exclusive journey into the world of Saigon craft beer.

This tour can start at the time of your choosing and includes stops at 3 craft beer tap rooms and a craft beer bar (all within an easy walk of each other in District 1) where you will learn pretty much all there is to know about the craft beer scene in Saigon!

Stops include:

- East West Brewing Co

- Pasteur Street Brewing

- Malt (craft beer bar)

- Heart of Darkness

Includes: 10+ craft beers, a light snack, the personal attention of our expert guide.

*This tours is designed to be done by at least two people, with a minimum cost of $150 USD. The route and sites we visit can vary from our public tour and can be customized based on your interests and needs! A private tour can offer flexibility and customization we can't do with our public tour.

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